Services we provide
Supported Child Development is based on the philosophy that:

  • All families must have access to quality childcare
  • Some children require additional support to participate in childcare settings
  • Childcare settings may require support to successfully include all children. These supports include:

    • Consultation with an SCD Consultant who will share ideas , resources and strategies with the childcare staff
    • Equipment as needed
    • Educational opportunities for childcare staff, and on occasion, additional staff to increase the child/ staff ratio in the program

Who we serve

The Supported Child Development Program consults to inclusive child care programs for children from birth to twelve years of age.

Note: Services for children 13-19 are available on an exception basis and based on available funds.

How to access services

Families can self-refer and childcare programs can make referrals to the Nanaimo SCD Program. Referrals can be made by completing an NCDC referral form online or by calling the NCDC and asking to speak to an SCD Consultant to complete the form over the phone

Note: Parents or Legal guardians must be aware of and approve of the referral before it will be completed.

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