Families Supporting Families Networking Groups

To support each other during these challenging times, we are reaching out to continue our zoom peer to peer groups for parents, guardians, families. These will be facilitated discussions through the zoom platform.

Virtual groups through zoom allow you to join in with our without video, mute when you need to and unmute when you would like to add to the discussion. You can even text us questions privately if you don’t want your children to hear.

If you are not familiar with Zoom / virtual meetings, we are here to help you through this process as well. All you need to have is a device to download the Zoom app onto (a laptop, computer, tablet, or phone). We will send you the link that you just need to click on once you register for a session.

If you are interested in participating or have any questions please email our Family Resource Navigator at kimberlee@nanaimocdc.com

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