Services we provide

The Infant Development Program is a home-based program designed to assist families and encourage their child’s development.

Consultants are professionals with skills and knowledge in child development. Our consultants have various education backgrounds an all have extensive experience with children aged birth to three years. They can help you enhance your child’s development.

Services available may include:

  • One-on-one support for parents.
  • Home visits to encourage progress and develop new activities.
  • Developmental assessments and written reports.
  • A toy and book-lending library.
  • Coordinating with other available services.
  • Education concerning disabilities and a baby’s typical development.
  • Help to include your child in community activities.

Who we serve

The Infant Development Program is available for any child from birth to three years of age who:
  • Has a developmental delay
  • May be at risk for a developmental delay
Every child is unique, and learns and grows at his/her own pace. However, there are some factors that put a child at a higher likelihood of having a developmental delay. Some examples include:
  • Vision and/or hearing concerns
  • Prematurity
  • Prenatal substance exposure
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Birth trauma
  • Attachment/bonding concerns
  • Low birth weight

How to access services

Referrals to the Infant Development Program may be made by parents, doctors, public health nurses, or other professionals. If you would like to refer your own child, simply phone the Nanaimo Child Development Centre (250-753-0251) and ask for a referral to the program.

You can also DOWNLOAD A REFFERRAL FORM and submit it to

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