Services We Provide
Early Intervention Therapies include Physiotherapists (PT), Occupational Therapists (OT) and Speech Language Pathologists (SLP). Early Intervention therapists help families with questions about their child’s development in the following areas:

  • Movement, motor skills and physical development
  • Talking, understanding and following directions
  • Using clear speech sounds
  • Participation in daily activities such as mealtimes, bath times, dressing and play
  • Connecting with others through play
  • Balance, coordination, muscle tone and strength
  • Feeding and swallowing skills or concerns
  • Fine motor movements with objects such as stacking, colouring, and using utensils


  • We work together with you to set goals for your child and support you to meet those goals
  • We meet with you and your child at home, at the Centre, or at the place that will work best for your child
  • We guide you in supporting your child to learn new skills
  • We may offer you individual visits, parent participation groups, or parent education opportunities

More Information About OT, PT, and SLP

The PTs, OTs, and SLPs at the NCDC are university trained regulated health professionals and are members of respective Colleges of British Columbia.


We serve children from birth to school entry/6 years of age who have physical, neurological, and intellectual or developmental disabilities and reside in the Greater Nanaimo Regional District.

How to access services

Referrals to the Early Intervention Therapy program may be made by parents, doctors, public health nurses, or other professionals. If you would like to refer your own child, simply phone the Nanaimo Child Development Centre (250-753-0251) and ask for a referral to the program.

You can also DOWNLOAD A REFERRAL FORM and submit it to

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